Dreaming Creek is the leader in our industry when it comes to building your timber frame home.  For decades we have built and managed the construction of timber frame houses all over the United States and in the Bahamas.  In addition we also provide other structures such as timber frame pavilions, carports, pergolas or even a timber frame equestrian barn.  Our skilled professionals have years of timber frame experience helping clients with various sizes of Residential and Commercial projects, as well as, cozy cabins, custom built homes and even custom handmade furniture pieces that will turn your dream into a legacy to be enjoyed for years to come. You can bring us your own plans or choose from one of our Timber Frame designs such as the Cedar Creek, Battle Run Manor or our popular River Bend design.

Traditional timber framing offers an aesthetic and structural integrity as well as an energy efficient approach unlike today’s conventional stick framed construction.  Call us today to assist with your timber frame design.  You will definitely appreciate the care and time we devote to each and every project we undertake to assure your ultimate satisfaction.